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Kool Tools: iDevices Dimmer Switch

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iDevices’ $99.95 iDevices Dimmer Switch ( is the brand’s first major product release since it was acquired by Hubbell Inc. earlier this year. The new device is a hub-less smart switch that’s compatible with Siri on iOS devices, Alexa and the Google Assistant.

With intelligent features such as in-app dim range settings to prevent low-level bulb flicker and last-state brightness memory, users can personalize their lighting and smart home experience. With a sleek, minimalist design that fits any standard rocker faceplate, the iDevices Dimmer Switch integrates into any home’s existing lighting system.

The iDevices Dimmer Switch is installed just like a traditional wall switch, and can be installed in single pole, 3- and 4-way setups with no extra wiring needed.
Its built-in LED night light allows users to locate the iDevices Dimmer Switch in the dark with a wide range of color choices.

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