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Kool Tools: Polar A370 Fitness Tracker


The Polar A370 is a new fitness tracker with 24/7 continuous wrist-based heart rate and Polar Sleep Plus analytics. By combining daily activity goal guidance with Polar Sleep Plus, it delivers a complete picture of the user’s fitness based on the intersection of activity, rest and recovery.

Polar A370’s design features waterproof, vibrant glass lens color touch display and vibrating notifications. Lightweight, interchangeable band colors allow users to customize A370 to their style preference. Polar A370 is available now for pre-order at for $17 and will begin shipping in June.  

Its continuous wrist-based heart rate automatically measures heart rate during rest and physical activity. Polar A370 continuously measures heart rate at a minimum of five minute intervals and can also recognize when users move their wrists during higher levels of activity (e.g. walking, running). During these higher intensities, triggered by a 3D accelerometer, Polar A370 will automatically measure heart rate at a higher resolution.

It also detects periods of inactivity, and captures resting heart rate every five minutes during these resting periods. Polar A370 then combines this data to provide immediate guidance toward reaching activity goals. A more detailed daily overview and insightful fitness guidance is available in the Polar Flow App. Here, users can examine their heart rate in motion and at rest, access Polar’s Smart Coaching features for additional guidance and gain feedback on specific activities with insights from Activity Benefit, Smart Calories and Training Benefit. Users may even notice how they reach their daily activity goal faster, due to a new level of precision of Polar’s new fusion of heart rate and activity algorithm.

The Polar A370 combines continuous heart rate with Polar Sleep Plus, an intelligent sleep system with a smart algorithm that automatically detects via 3D accelerometer the timing, amount and quality of sleep based on position and wrist movements. Polar’s proprietary Polar Sleep Plus algorithm uses polysomnography as a reference measurement, the golden standard to assess sleep in science and medicine. Designed to provide accuracy in sleep detection at the same level of the polysomnography standard, Polar A370 provides precise measurements that offer increased accuracy and guidance.

Polar Sleep Plus is designed for people looking to find a balance between activity and rest, which includes learning healthy sleep patterns. By tracking a variety of different metrics such as total duration of sleep, actual sleep time, when users fall asleep and wake and any interruptions that occur during sleep, Polar Sleep Plus can provide users with a continuity score on a scale of 1-5 to show how continuous their sleep was.

Users can also rate their sleep the next morning. Based on the sleep pattern data, Polar Flow will automatically provide feedback on ways to achieve better sleep. Users can then follow their timing, amount and quality of sleep over time to adjust their sleep schedule in order to reach their goals.

In addition to the latest advanced heart rate and sleep measurement capabilities, Polar A370 can also be used as a heart rate sensor with any other compatible Bluetooth devices or mobile app. The A370 can also be when connected your mobile phone to track pace, distance and route via the phone’s GPS. The tracker’s accelerometer can also estimate running speed and distance when indoors on a treadmill or track. Paired with Polar Balance, the Polar A370 becomes an effective weight management device.

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