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Sal Soghoian to host CMD-D: Masters of Automation Conference

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Sal Soghoian has announced the first-ever CMD-D: Masters of Automation Conference (pronounced “Command-D”) on Wednesday, Aug 9, in Santa Clara, California. It’s for anyone who uses automation, creates automation or develops software. Registration is now underway (

CMD-D is designed for anyone who uses automation, creates automation or develops software. Attendees will learn about powerful automation capabilities hiding in plain sight, user-friendly Automator power-tricks, the latest developments for cutting-edge dual-platform automation for macOS and iOS, and more. For those who are new to automation, a Scripting Boot Camp is also being planned for Aug. 8.

“I’m really excited about CMD-D,” says Soghoian, conference co-founder and user-automation expert. “For the past twenty years, I’ve met and taught great people, doing amazing things with Apple’s automation technologies. Bringing everyone together can only lead to even more creative solutions and contributions from the automation community. I look forward to hosting this gathering of great minds.”

“It’s thrilling to work with Sal Soghoian and Naomi Pearce to create an environment where professionals can take their automation skills to the next level,” says Paul Kent, conference co-founder and long-time general manager of Macworld Expo. “With an outstanding educational agenda and plenty of opportunity to interact with fellow luminaries in the field, the Apple automation and scripting community will create a new home at CMD-D.”

CMD-D will feature a full day of insight into the current state of automation technologies in the Apple ecosystem, plus a vision for the future. Evening activities will promote networking and a healthy exchange of ideas between attendees and presenters. Attendees can compete in an Open Mic Automation Slam showing off their most innovative or outrageous solutions. Tech podcaster and Apple expert Jason Snell is slated to host a discussion on automation and its future as part of a live Six Colors Podcast.

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