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Kool Tool: udoq docking station


Users of multiple mobile devices will soon have a more convenientway to keep all their technology connected: the udoq (

It adapts to any old or new mobile device of any brand or generation and allows full use of each gadget while side-by-side charging. The German-made product will make its official U.S. debut at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The docking station, a device in which mobile devices can be placed for charging, providing access to both a power supply and peripheral devices or auxiliary features, was designed to mitigate this issue. Unfortunately, most docks aren’t standardized to accommodate the myriad connectors and power signals associated with all of today’s connected devices. As a result, they’re often designed with one specific make and model of tech in mind.

The udoq docking station allows simultaneous charging of up to six devices (depending on their size). Due to the patented side-by-side charging design, the docking station allows each device to be operated while charging. The design also enables device connectors to be moved inside the charging rail so users can quickly change the distance and placement of devices they are charging. 

The udoq comes in both udoq Apple 400 and udoq Android 400 versions to satisfy the needs of iPhone, iPad and iPod devotees as well as non-Apple smartphone, tablet and MP3 player users. Pricing hasn’t yet been announced.

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