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Note-ify Apple releases Command-Tab Plus for the Mac

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Note-Ify Apps has introduced Command-Tab Plus 1.0 ( for macOS. It’s an alternative for Mac’s built-in Command-Tab app switcher.

With Command-Tab Plus, you use icon numbers to quickly select and switch between apps. To do that, use a shortcut to open the switch window and simply press the app number on the keyboard.

When using Command-Tab Plus, it displays only the icons of the apps running on the current display or space. This means it isolates the apps in one space, and the apps in other spaces. However, you can disable this function in the app’s settings.

By default, Command-tab Plus hides the icons of all inactive (hidden) apps. This function allows you to quickly switch between the apps you’re using at the moment. The Command-Tab Plus settings let you enable the hidden apps to be shown, so the inactive apps icons will be marked (semitransparent) and displayed at the end of the list.

The Command-Tab Plus settings allow setting up a keyboard shortcut, press it and you will see a switcher window. What’s more, you can configure Command-Tab Plus to be shown up instead of a “regular” window to switch between applications. Or you can setup another shortcut to use simultaneously with the regular app switcher.

The Command-Tab Plus settings allow setting a theme color, a highlighted element color, a window frame color and icon sizes. It requires macOS X 10.7 or later

Command-Tab Plus is free to download and install and is fully-functional for seven days. After this, it remains fully-functional but will occasionally ask you to register. Users can take advantage of an introductory registration price of US$7.95 through the end of November. Upon registration, Command-Tab Plus will no longer ask users to register.

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