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Oslo assistant launches on iOS and the web


Ozlo, Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search company, has launched its assistant (named Ozlo) and next generation AI platform.

It can link together multiple sources of information to answer questions like, “What’s a good place to watch the game tonight,” or “Good place for a date nearby.” Now available on iOS and web, Ozlo will become accessible everywhere as the company opens its platform to more third-party data providers and developers over the next year, according to Charles Jolley, co-founder and CEO of Ozlo Inc.
Ozlo is powered by a next generation AI platform that can extract and combine knowledge from many different sources, providing direct answers to questions. Unlike other assistants, Ozlo starts from a position of information neutrality, providing the best possible insight to the users, says Jolley.
As Ozlo understands the context of a query or request, “he” is able to provide answers that go beyond a string of blue links. For example, some, but not all pizza restaurants offer gluten-free pizza. Likewise, many of them use different delivery services, or just do it themselves. Ozlo’s AI platform can combine all of these facts and reason about them. When you ask for the “best gluten-free pizza delivered,” Ozlo uses this ability to determine which places have gluten-free options and shows you just the ones that deliver, no matter what delivery option they use.
Ozlo’s sources include more than 300 million facts provided by partners and providers including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zagat, Michelin, DoorDash, IMDB, Westworld Media, TimeOut, the Infatuation, and Yummly. The company also leverages unique partnerships with dietary specialists such as Further Food, Authority Nutrition, Gluten Fre

Ozlo is available

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