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Git client Tower for Mac OS X adds new features

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Fournova has announced Tower 2.5 (, an update to the Git client for Mac OS X. It provides an interface that combines all the important features that Git has to offer.

Version 2.5 boasts over 100 improvements, according to Fournova CEO Tobias Gunther. New features include:

° Tab support: in addition to its support for multiple windows Tower 2.5 now offers tabs for users who use Apple’s latest operating system macOS Sierra.

° Clone dialog: Tower’s clone dialog now automatically searches on, lets users choose their preferred cloning protocol, and visually displays the cloning progress.

° Open quickly: the Open Quickly dialog has been completely rewritten. It’s now much faster, more responsive, and more clever.

° Drag and drop: Tower’s drag and drop feature now offers more functionalities for repository folders.

° Search: bookmarks and services can now be searched.

° Custom service accounts: users can now add accounts for their self-managed server.

Tower 2.5 comes as a free upgrade for Tower 2 users. New licenses are available for $79.

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