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Kool Tools: wiTraveler for the Apple Watch


wiWare’s $79 wiTraveler ( is an all-in-one travel charger for the Apple Watch. It’s perfect for the business traveler who needs to recharge an Apple smartwatch on-the-go without the hassle of carrying multiple power cables and AC power adapters.  

The wiTraveler is a compact unit that doubles as a watch stand with a built-in wireless power interface for the Apple Watch. The self-contained unit also has a rechargeable battery and a flip-out AC plug, eliminating the need to carry multiple accessories.  

The unique design keeps the Apple Watch in charging position while plugged into the wall, stored in a purse or laptop case.  The product’s patented combination of features allows for multiple Apple Watch recharge cycles while unplugged. The watch stand holds the watch in several positions and takes full advantage of the new Apple Watch 2.0 nightstand mode. An included accessory USB output port offers added charge options the iPhone or other USB device.

The wiTraveler is suitable for both the 38 and 42 mm Apple Watch, and works with all band styles and sizes.  The design packs all this technology into a compact device measuring only 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.3) inches and weighing 10 ounces.

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