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Recommended Reading: the LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book

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Every year, families deck their trees with strings of popcorn, popsicle sticks, and gingerbread. Hey, why not use LEGO?

This holiday season, LEGO fans can build lasting memories by making their own DIY ornaments with the help of “The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book” (No Starch Press, $19.95, 220 pages). It provides a collection of hands-on projects that the whole family can build and enjoy.

With colorful graphics and detailed instructions, “The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book” ( is a good gift for do-it-yourselfers and crafters. The 15 designs in the book include holiday classics like a wreath, snowflake, poinsettia, Christmas tree, and gingerbread house; fun stuff like a computer, arcade machine, and cheeseburger; and even simple geometric designs like a bow, barrel, and lantern. Whether you’re looking for a traditionally-shaped ornament or want to add something fun and quirky to your tree, there’s something for everyone.

Each chapter opens with a project overview that features the finished ornament and then walks readers through detailed, step-by-step building instructions. And because not every reader has a massive LEGO collection, the book shows alternate color options, so readers can put their own unique twist on each ornament.

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