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WaterField launches Kickstarter campaign for iPhone 7 travel wallet

Intrepid Wallet small.jpg

WaterField Designs has launched its first Kickstarter campaign for the RFID-blocking, play-through, Intrepid Travel Wallet ( for the upcoming “iPhone 7” (and similarly-sized phones). It’s a wallet, an iPhone case and a travel attaché all in one.

It is a wallet, but also functions as an iPhone case and a travel attaché. As a wallet, its two interior side pockets hold credit cards, hotel card-keys and metro tickets and its main compartment is large enough for a stash of domestic or foreign bills and a pen. Built-in RFID-blocking capability offers a little extra security while out and about. An included zippered pouch, the Micro Wallet, fits inside the main compartment and secures coins or keys.

As an iPhone case, the Intrepid’s play-through, scannable screen allows users to access the phone for texts, emails and apps, and to scan a boarding pass without removing the phone from the protective case. The Travel Wallet holds all this plus a passport and train or tour tickets all in one place, as any good travel attaché should.

WaterField’s Kickstarter backers may choose from three reward levels ($75, $79 or $119). Since its inception in 1998, WaterField has incorporated customer feedback into its design upgrades.

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