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Kool Tools: Analog Studio Rack

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Nomad Factory’s Analog Studio Rack (Analog Studio Rack) is a handy analog channels trip plug-in that can be quickly loaded on any track from voices to bass, drums, keys, percussion or any other instrument, and set-up the pre-amp and modules with the ideal position and signal path for each instrument(s) needs.
It’s a “modular rack” that provides hot-swappable 500 series style EQ’s, Compressors, Gate, Exciter and a Tube Driven Pre-Amp. The Analog Studio Rack brings together a suite of seven modules tuned to sound musical.

Each of the six main modules can be placed in any order with simple drag and drop, allowing you the freedom within a rack space design to try different combinations. This allows you to customize your tone and source material, with various views available per module for gain reduction, spectrum and 1/3 octave. The plug-in comes with an array of presets specifically designed for various instruments as your starting point. You can utilize them in your mixes, tweak, create your own as single module presets or global.
Analog Studio Rack is distributed by Plugivery and is available at pro audio dealers worldwide and here ( at the suggested retail price of $199. For a limited time, the Analog Studio Rack bundle will be sold at an introductory price of $39; individual modules can be purchased for $9.99.

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