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Kool Tools: LogMeOnce

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LogMeOnce (, which specializes in identity and password management in cloud and mobile enterprise, has announced three new features designed to make it simpler to manage, track and wipe personal and business data from the LogMeOnce app on lost or stolen devices.

LogMeOnce’s Kill-Pill and Mobile Device Management (MDM) features enable individuals, businesses and IT administrators to enroll and manage devices, verify compliance and even wipe data stored in LogMeOnce if necessary. Additionally, LogMeOnce BYOD (bring your own device) enhances office productivity and security of sensitive data by giving employees the ability to use their personal devices at work while keeping LogMeOnce data for personal and business use in separate vaults.

LogMeOnce has introduced the following features for consumers using its Ultimate edition and organizations using either the Business or Enterprise editions:

° Kill-Pill, a remote device wipe for when your phone or tablet is lost or stolen. To send a Kill-Pill to your mobile device, simply log into your LogMeOnce account on a desktop, and send the Kill-Pill to the lost device to wipe the vault and access to the LogMeOnce app itself on the missing device. Initiating Kill-Pill on a lost device ensures that a hacker or thief who may have your device is unable to login and access your data.

° Mobile Device Management, which enables you to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices in your family or within the enterprise. When MDM is enabled, you can see the device name, the last time it was accessed, geolocation, a comprehensive status about its operation, updates status, CPU, device identifiers and have the ability to initiate comprehensive remote commands including a ring tone to hear if the device is nearby. It can securely manage and retire mobile devices while allowing individuals and businesses to add or retire devices.

° LogMeOnce’s BYOD feature is an IT feature policy that allows employees to use their personal mobile devices to access an organization’s protected business vaults. Companies can also implement BYOD policies to extend business apps to their team members to increase productivity and prevent security threats. Employees can keep LogMeOnce personal and business data separate by creating two different “vaults.”

The “personal vault” holds the employee’s personal data, and business administrators can accept an outside device on the company network and create a separate “business vault” to store business-related data only. For greater privacy and efficiency employers have no knowledge of what an employee does on their personal device or in their personal vault.

Pre-registered devices are protected with LogMeOnce PhotoLogin, paired with the user account and automatically configured with corporate connectivity, security settings and device-specific restrictions. If an employee parts from the company, data separation allows IT administrators to wipe the LogMeOnce business vault without erasing the user’s personal vault.

The new LogMeOnce Kill-Pill, Device Management and BYOD updates are currently available on the browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android platforms.

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