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Kool Tools: ExoSOLS app for 3D printed custom orthotics


SOLS’s ExoSOLS app/service ( makes it easy to make your daily walk (your literal daily walk) more comfortable by allowing you to make 3D printed, custom orthotics.

No prescription is required, simply download the SOLS app from the Apple App Store, and capture images of your feet to render your true custom foot support. Made for you, on-demand, ExoSOLS ($99) will be shipped six days later.

ExoSOLS align the body to promote proper posture, improving stability and comfort from the biomechanical stress of everyday life. They help promote alignment of your entire body by stabilizing your gait and supporting your arch, while absorbing shock to redistribute pressure for immediate comfort and support. Finally, ExoSOLS are uniquely designed to increase energy efficiency and dynamically propel you forward.

ExoSOLS sport a base made from Flexxon, a proprietary polymer that allows your orthotic to be elastic yet strong. They’re are built to your weight for the exact right amount of flexibility.

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