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Gemini for OS X revved to version 2

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MacPaw’s Gemini, a Mac-only duplicate finder and cleaner, has been upgraded to version 2. According to CEO Oleksandr Kosovan, here’s a list of the changes….

The app spots similar files in addition to identical duplicates: “similiars” aren’t 100% identical files, like duplicates, but they have so little difference that a user might consider some of them redundant.

The app tells the differences between files by more than 10 parameters; it analyzes file names, creation and modification dates, extensions, locations to ensure accuracy and precision in results.

The update works with iTunes and Photos libraries: Gemini 2 helps get rid of unnecessary retakes of the same picture or different formats of the same song.

Version 2 applies Smart Selection algorithm and becomes self-learning from a user. Smart Selection algorithm remembers rules for files removal, learns and applies the experience to next sessions.

Gemini 2 accurately selects duplicates for removal and if it has any doubts, it leaves the decision to a user. 
The new version restores the previous session; a user can retrieve the previous scanning session and get back to it without starting a new scan session.

Gemini 2 is available for $19.95.. The Mac App Store version of Gemini 2 costs $19.99. All current Gemini users can upgrade to Gemini 2 with a lifetime 50% off discount. Users who would like to try the application before making a purchase can download the trial version here (

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