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QuickLicense 8.0 adds enhancements for spreadsheet protection, more

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Excel Software ( has shipped QuickLicense 8.0, an update of the tool for protection and licensing of Mac, Windows and Linux software. The new release adds major enhancements for spreadsheet protection, application usage statistics, end-user interface enhancements and improved developer tools.

QuickLicense is used to define the type of license (Trial, Product, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating), the licensing features (feature flags, pre-activation message, license release, restore, reset and suspend) and the activation process (manual, online, dongle or floating license server). A license can be applied to any kind of digital product (application, plugin, library, game or spreadsheet) using the AddLicense wrapping tool or programming API (application programming interface).

QuickLicense 8 is $595 for the standard edition or $995 for the pro edition on either Mac OS X or Windows. The package includes a PDF and printed User Guide, tutorials, online videos, programming code examples, the AddLicense wrapping tool and SendMessage testing tool. QuickLicense includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for any number of protected products or licenses.

AddLicense allows a developer to add any configured license to a compiled Mac or Windows application with a few button clicks.  No programming is required to assign the license, add a splash screen or embed resource files and folders directly into the protected application file. Applications created with Unity, MAX MSP, Adobe Air or any environment that normally exposes resource files can be delivered as a single application file.

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