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Kool Tools: TrackR tablet for the iPad


TrackR’s ( latest application, TrackR tablet, allows users to locate lost or missing iPads using their smartphone, without needing Wi-Fi or an Internet connection.

Just download the free TrackR tablet app to your iPad. This enables you to track your tablet using the existing TrackR app on your iPhone. Both are free downloads at the Mac App Store.

If you can’t locate your iPad around the home or office, just open the TrackR app and “ring” their missing tablet. There’s no need to log in to a web account or even have an Internet connection. The functionality works both ways, so users can ring their missing phone from their TrackR tablet app running on their iPad as well.

If an iPad goes missing on the go, like on an airplane or a train, the user can utilize TrackR’s Crowd GPS technology to recover their missing gadget. When missing, the TrackR tablet app will emit a unique wireless signal over Bluetooth.

When another TrackR user walks by the missing iPad, the TrackR user’s phone detects the missing tablet and will update the iPad’s owner with the latest GPS coordinate. Given that most missing and lost iPads don’t have Wi-Fi or cellular data enabled, this solves a major problem for iPad owners everywhere.

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