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Apteligent launches global device directory of iOS, Android devices by geography

Apteligent has launched what it says is the world’s first global device directory of Android and iOS devices by geography.

The directory, calculated from over eight billion app launches with data from over 175 countries, provides information such as global device/OS adoption trends and app performance stats for mobile app developers, handset manufacturers, network carriers, industry analysts, and anyone engaged in the app economy. With over 300 terabytes of data tracked per month over the past three years, the Apteligent directory is the most comprehensive repository of mobile device adoption data in the industry, according to Dave Robbins, CEO of Apteligent.

In addition to device and operating system market share, the directory contains performance benchmarks. It displays global device crash rates and latency information, as well as country specific device performance.
The performance benchmarks allow organizations to gauge how well their app is running on various platforms. Mobile teams use Apteligent’s platform to address issues impacting user experience and to track performance issues over time, but now they can use this service to benchmark their app on various hardware and software configurations against the industry at large.
Updates to the directory are made daily, using a moving seven day window to refresh the data. For more information, or to request a custom data report, go to

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