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Kool Tools: Dog & Bone luggage padlock

Dog & Bone’s LockSmart Travel is a TSA approved, keyless, Bluetooth connected luggage padlock controlled by an iOS or Android app. Eliminating small keys that can easily be lost during travel, LockSmart Travel provides users with a keyless, trackable and secure solution for locking and accessing luggage.
LockSmart Travel’s intuitive app allows travelers to manage the padlock secured onto their luggage. It manages one or several padlocks and instantly shares lock access to others while tracking lock use. All lock activity can be viewed in the app which displays username, date, and time of use, and user access can be revoked at any time without exchanging a physical key.
LockSmart offers the highest Bluetooth security standard (128-bit advanced encryption), and the option for owners to unlock the padlock using Touch ID, tapping the icon, entering a passcode, or the push to unlock feature. The LockSmart Travel will be available for purchase in early 2016.
Entrepreneur Lee Ranchod founded Dog & Bone to provide consumers with a new breed of cases and accessories that offer the highest level of protection coupled with smart technology benefits. For more info go to

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