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Addonics announces High Density Removable Disk Array System

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Addonics Technologies ( has announced the $75.95 Addonics 2.5 inch Disk Array, a high density removable hard drive system that allows you to install up to six 2.5 inch SATA/ hard drives or SSD’s into one standard 5.25-inch drive bay.

By using Addonics’ family of 2.5 inch flash drive kits, various form factor SSDs such as CFast, mSATA, M2 or CF can be loaded into this Disk Array, creating a large capacity, low power and shock resistant solid state storage system. The removable drive tray is designed to allow users to load drives into the Disk Array without any mounting screws.

For mobile applications or installation in environments with frequent shock and vibration, the drive can be secured to each drive tray with mounting screws to prevent drive movement. Each drive slot is equipped with its own power and drive access LEDs as well as a latch on the drive tray to secure each hard drive in the Disk Array unit.

The drives can be hot-swapped when connecting to controllers that support hot swapping. Addonics has a series of SATA host controllers that can be used to assure hot swap capability. Users should check with their controller manufacturer if hot swapping is required for their applications.

Among the Disk Array’s other features are light weight, a sturdy brushed aluminum construction, two 40 x 40 mm. high CFM, two low noise cooling fans, point to point connection, and high throughput up to 600 MB/sec with SATA 3.0 drive. It’s also operating system independent. Go to for more info.

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