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Top 10 mobility trends for 2016

DMI (Digital Management Inc.), an end-to-end mobility company, has released its annual Top Ten Mobility Trends for 2016 (, citing the need for an improved mobile customer experience, top-down concerns for cybersecurity, key innovations through partnerships and a stronger focus on the redesign and implementation of omni-channel and mobile payment technologies. among the projected trends:

° Stronger focus on the customer experience: Analyst firms Forrester and Gartner highlighted the customer experience (CX) as a top priority for 2016. Based on DMI’s experience, the average organization has less than one in 100 employees with the CX skills needed to amplify the mobile experience, whether in-store or on the Internet. In 2016, customers will demand one consistent cross-channel experience. Look for organizations to embed the mobile customer experience throughout every part of the organization.

° Security and privacy hitting the boardroom agenda: With a constant flow of news about big corporations being hacked and serious damage to shareholder value, security will continue to be high on the agenda for every CEO and board member.

° Accelerated innovation through partnerships: DMI sees a growing trend in the opening of internal APIs and partnering among companies of all sizes in order to bring accelerated innovation to the end-user. Sometimes also referred to as front-end integration, innovation through APIs allows new services to be created in less than a month’s time without major investments in or changes to legacy systems.

° By 2017, 50 percent of online transactions will be from mobile devices: With the majority of online commerce now coming from mobile devices, DMI sees a growing trend in the expansion and implementation of the omni-channel user experience and more innovations surrounding mobile payment platforms. It’s not just about enabling Apple Pay, or other payment services; it’s also about redesigning mobility programs from the bottom up.

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