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Recommended Reading: ‘Learn to Program with MineCraft’

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Minecraft, a popular PC game, is now a gateway into the programming world. And, in a novel approach to teaching programming, a new book from No Starch Press, “Learn to Program with Minecraft” ($29.95, Dec. 2015, 320 pp.) uses Minecraft to introduce fans to the beginner-friendly Python language. Readers learn how to build their own creations and unlock a whole new realm of Minecraft, all while learning practical programming skills.

This hands-on approach to programming is filled with fun, step-by-step directions designed to make things clear for readers of all ages and experience levels.
Author Craig Richardson explains his book’s unique approach this way: “My book makes learning to program accessible and engaging for people of all ages. Parents and teachers know how valuable it is to learn how to program, but add the fun and creativity of Minecraft while giving your player superpowers, and who can resist?

“Learn to Program with Minecraft” ( shows readers how to take control of Minecraft with programming. Readers will embark on a series of interactive missions as they learn how to:

° Teleport their players using variable;

° Create palaces, pillars, pyramids, and pixel art using for loops;

° Stack blocks and build spectacular spires with math;

° Unlock the chat feature and write secret messages to their friends;

° Blast craters, open secret passages, and cast spells to transform block;

° Duplicate entire villages, castles, and acres of Minecraft countryside

For parents looking to get kids interested in coding, and for Minecraft fans of any age, this hands-on guide is the perfect introduction to programming. The code in this book will run on Mac, Windows, and Raspberry Pi.

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