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Kool Tools: Duplicates Finder for Mac OS X

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Nektony’s Duplicates Finder 3.0.6 ( is a useful freeware utility to find any duplicate file on Mac OS X.

The tool was specifically developed to help anyone find and delete all duplicate files en masse. Files are categorized by types for images, videos, music, archives, documents and all other specific extensions. Every found file is displayed in a corresponding category with its location on the hard drive, a quick link to the Finder, as well with a file preview.

Duplicate Finder can scan the whole drive at a time or as many separate folders as the user has selected. It’s also possible to specify folders, files and extensions that should be skipped from search. This feature is useful when the user has a corporate cloud storage or special folder where all their sensitive content is stored.

To start scanning, add the whole drive from the Finder menu, or drag and drop as a group of folders and click Enter. After a few minutes you’ll get clear results where you can explore files by subcategory. Select duplicate files with the help of a preview window and specified file location. When all files are selected, simply click “Remove.” While scanning, Duplicate Finder will also automatically delete empty folders.

Users can change their reports by altering minimum duplicates’ size, using Skip lists for specific files, folders, extensions and more. It’s possible to make auto select smarter by pre-defining select and newer select lists. The app scans all types of drives supported by Mac OS X.

Duplicates Finder 3.0.6 is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. It requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

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