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Kool Tools: MagicScore Guitar Tab and Notation software

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MagicScore Guitar notation software by Maestro Music Software is now up to version 8. The software offers guitarists and other fretted instrumentalists easy tablature and notation software. Version 8 delivers a fast, enhanced workflow, and allows guitarists to work simultaneously with tab and/or notation and synchronize their display if desired.

Arrangements can be played back using a full-range of instrument sounds (drums, bass, keyboards, strings, etc.) using the included custom sound bank. You can export an audio mix to share with others. An extensive number of tools are available to make writing music easier for guitarists, including symbol libraries and playback support for bends, vibratos, and alternate tunings, a virtual guitar fretboard to make input easier. MagicScore Guitar also packs built-in chord diagrams and libraries that are user extensible so you can create your own voicings.

For all fretted instrumentalists (7-string guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, etc.), the software delivers the tools needed to compose, arrange, transcribe, and learn music. It’s also a fine otol for working with .gp4 interactive tabs and .mid song files found online. You can use the MIDI playback capabilities in the software to slow down song tempos and loop sections to help you learn difficult parts.

MagicScore Guitar is available through retail and online music stores in the US and Canada and via the eMedia Music website ( The suggested retail price is $49.95.

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