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Wireless connectivity driving the global home audio market

Consumer demand for wireless audio products that come with built-in Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi is being driven by a desire to wirelessly play music sourced from a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet on a loudspeaker located either in or outside the home, says Strategy Analytics (

This trend is reshaping the home audio market as wireless speakers and soundbars grow at the expense of docking stations and more traditional audio solutions such as AV receivers and integrated hi-fi systems, adds the research group. Other findings from Strategy Analytics includes:

° Home Audio device shipments including integrated hi-fi systems, AV receivers, docking stations, wireless speakers and soundbars will exceed 80 million units globally in 2015 from just over 70 million in 2014.

° Wireless speakers will account for close to 50% of all home audio shipments in 2015. Bluetooth only speakers dominate with around 65% share of sales although the number of wi-fi and wi-fi/Bluetooth models is expanding as interest in multi-room audio grows.

° Global shipments of soundbars will grow 36% in 2015 to reach 15 million units as TV manufacturers and audio specialists add new products and features to their line up.

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