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Kool Tools: Turner for OS X

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Paper Software has released Turner, new software application for creating and analyzing contracts.

Designed exclusively for OS X and Macs, Turner offers a proofreader, streamlined navigation tools, search features, editing tools, file format support, and more.
At the heart of Turner is the Proofreader. Turner’s Proofreader automatically checks a contract for common drafting problems: words and phrases that look like defined terms but aren’t, broken cross-references, and more.

Manually checking for these problems can take hours, but Turner’s Proofreader takes just a few seconds. And since the Proofreader works in the background, you can keep working without interruption while Turner proofreads.

Turner’s Navigators allow you to find high-level information in a contract quickly and easily. The Provisions Navigator lets you explore a contract using an intuitive outline view, and the Defined Terms Navigator lets you find important words and phrases with one click. You can use the Related Items Navigator to make sense of complex interconnections.

Turner’s other Navigators let you manage comments, create attachments, and much more. As you make changes to your contract, the app keeps the Navigators and your contract in perfect sync.

Turner provides new tools that make finding detailed information in a contract quick and simple. In addition to conventional text searches, you can use tokens to find amounts of money, dates and times, defined terms, and more

With Turner, you can add provisions, numbered lists, defined terms, and other items with one click. As you start typing a use of a defined term, you can complete it by choosing from a simple menu. To create a cross-reference, you can just click the item you want to cross-reference. As you make changes, Turner updates cross-references instantly.

With comprehensive support for common file formats, Turner makes it easy to collaborate with people who use other applications. Turner can open Microsoft Word files, PDFs, contracts filed on the SEC’s EDGAR system, and more. When you open these files, It automatically finds provisions, defined terms, cross-references, and more. Turner also makes it easy to share contracts as Microsoft Word files, PDFs, and more.

Turner is immediately available for download at New users can try Turner for free for 30 days. For individuals, pricing is $125 monthly or $995 yearly.

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