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The latest iOS apps for Sept. 8

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Here are some of the latest apps available at the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and/or Apple Watch.

Marbotic has announced Vocabubble for the iPad. With the US$2.99 app, children from 3 to 7 years discover new words in a “quirky and fun” universe: artichoke, iguana, Zeus, or even tablet. Each letter of the alphabet has several pictures that come to life, allowing them to discover the word spelled out in full. The illustrations come from the Pictorial Webster’s dictionary.

Foodworthy is a new, free app for finding and sharing photos of the hottest local food. It gives users the ability to capture their meal and get up-to-date results of the most popular food in their area.

Full Fat has released Magic MixUp, a magical puzzle game for iOS devices. Join Luna as she makes her way through a magical fairyland, starting out in her humble village, through the enchanted caves and a winter wonderland and beyond. To help her on her way she can collect stickers to unlock awesome pets that have mystical powers to make her journey easier. Defeat mythical dragons to help Luna get through her journey.

Appollo has introduced PikShare. It’s a free social media app with a focus on effortless nearby photo sharing. No login or signup is required. Simply download the app to begin sharing full screen photos anonymously. All Piks are captured through the in-app camera and only stay live on the app for a brief time.

Dollar Dream Studios has driven out Cars – Turn or Die. In the free game, you turn and park the speedy cars in your city, but beware not to hit the road sides. Also, watch out for the right building before you park the car – parking a car in the wrong building will cause you trouble.

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