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vjoon GmbH has released version 6.10 R1 of its vjoon K4 cross-media publishing platform. One of the highlights of this release is that it comes fully integrated with the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS).

vjoon K4 will extend the features of the latest version of DPS. What’s more, interactive content for a variety of mobile devices can be created right along with HTML-based DPS articles. With this capability, vjoon K4 streamlines the workflow effort.

In addition, the new version simplifies processes within corporates and editorial workflows. If a task is assigned to a user as part of the workflow, he will receive an email notification containing a description of the task and an URL. All the user has to do is to click this link and the assigned asset will open in the right client, be it a browser-based web editor, Adobe InDesign, InCopy, or another program.

Teams consisting of in-house staff and outside contributors who work less frequently in vjoon K4 also enjoy the support of a simplified user interface in K4 Web Portal. More complex features used by other contributors in the workflow are suppressed to strip K4 Web Portal down to a lightweight editor.

The new release of vjoon K4 Version 6.10 R1 is available from vjoon’s integration and distribution partners. Go to for more info.

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