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Kool Tools: MacClean for Mac OS X

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iMobie’s MacClean ( is a free cleaner app made to keep Mac computers running “right and light.” It’s designed to allow you to free up disk space, enhance your browsing experience, and more.

And it’s a useful maintenance solution before upgrading to OS X EI Capitan this fall. As Apple says, at least 8 GB free space is needed for a major OS X update, but usually it requires 15GB to 20GB because users need to allow some room for temporary files.

MacClean comes in handy with a simple interface for Mac users to seek accumulated junks (generally unused files and incompatible apps) clustered on hard drive, and allows users to configure what files to clean and remove. Plus, it has collected nine cleaning and maintenance utilities in one place, so that users can makes a complete cleanup for large and old files, duplicates, apps, iPhoto library, language files, extensions, add-ons, and more.

Whether users want to remove junk files from Safari, Firefox or Google chrome, MacClean offers a one-stop solution without heading over to various browsers to clean cookies, history, caches and more one by one. The app also helps users remove useless files from their Mac. MacClean is compatible with all generations of Mac OS X.

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