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Macro 4 adds Email to Print and AirPrint support

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Macro 4 ( has introduced a new mobile printing capability that allows enterprise users to print securely from any mobile device — smartphone, tablet or laptop — to any printer within their organization.
The new mobile printing solution supports both Email to Print and Apple’s AirPrint feature and is available as an add-on to Macro 4’s Columbus OM output management software, which is designed to increase the reliability, efficiency and security of business-critical printing.

“The print job sits on a central print server until it’s released,” says Neil Evans, development manager at Macro 4. “The user just walks up to a convenient printer on the network, confirms their identify using a smart card, security code or other authentication method and the document prints off. And if their chosen printer has a fault they can move to a different one without worrying about their document printing off at the first printer some time later. It’s easy and secure and helps ensure confidentiality.” 

Columbus OM uses domain-based authentication to ensure that only authorized users within an organization can print from their mobile devices. In addition, visitors and guests can have their email addresses temporarily authorized to benefit from mobile printing while on the premises.
Columbus OM is a high performance output management system designed to assure the delivery of documents and data from any application, regardless of technology platform, to any networked printer. All print jobs and printers throughout an organization are managed centrally, from a single point of control, allowing problems to be detected and corrected quickly – before they start affecting customers and business users.

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