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Kool Tools: The Hitting Test for iOS devices


Zepp ( which specializes in sports sensor technology, has teamed up with baseball and softball scouting organizations to develop and implement the US$149.99 Hitting Test, an evaluation using Zepp’s sensors to capture and grade player swing data at amateur scouting events.

The company says this marks the first-time that hitting metrics will be standardized and used by professional and college scouts and coaches to evaluate a player’s skill and rank them against their peers for draft and scholarship decisions. For a video of Hunter Pence demonstrating the hitting test go to .

Zepp data will be collected from every amateur hitter that attends an event by Perfect Game, Premier Girls Fastpitch, OnDeck, Ripken Baseball and Triple Crown. Zepp is currently used for its hitting metrics across all levels from youth teams to top college programs, all the way to Major League Baseball teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and San Diego Padres.

The Zepp Hitting Test is simple. First, the Zepp sensor is placed on the end of the bat, and all data collected will be sent via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device. Each player takes three swings off a tee in a standardized fashion. The ball is placed at the hitter’s stride foot landing spot in the middle of the plate, and the ball height is at 40% of a player’s height. The size of the bat is based on the player’s age bracket. The Zepp sensor captures the following data: bat speed at impact, max hand speed, and time to impact.

Scientifically measuring and decoding swing data is the future of baseball and softball when it comes to improving performance. Zepp’s sensor technology is making this possible across all levels, youth, amateur, college, and pro because of its real-time swing analysis, data-powered insights, and suggested drills and training programs.

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