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Kool Tools: Candy Apple for Mac OS X


MacAppware’s ( Candy Apple is a sweet, vector based graphic design and illustration app designed for Mac OS X.

It lets you create drawings, logos, banners, buttons, icons and more. It’s been recently revved to version 1.7, which adds support for exporting in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, adds video tutorials to the MacAppware website, and fixes a couple of bugs reported by users.

The new SVG export feature is becoming the graphic format to use for logos (resizing your logo easily from small to large without losing sharpness or increasing file size) and on the Internet. The SVG format is text based, in the standardized XML language, and carries the same file size no matter how small or large you make it.

Among other reasons, these help website graphics conform to the new search engine optimization guidelines and make graphics look crisp and polished. Other bug fixes include: Fixing a Text on Path bug that misplaced the default text position; and fixing an import issue where imported image opened in new window rather than the current window the user is working in.

Even more important to many Candy Apple customers is the addition of a tutorial section on the MacAppware website to quickly show users how to navigate through the application. Currently there are three videos, with more to come:

° Adding Text on a Path;

° Using the Draw Tools and Adjusting the Fill and Stroke;

° Converting Text to a Shape and Adding Strokes, Zigzags, and Patterns

Candy Apple is supported on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and higher. It’s available on both the Mac App Store and the MacAppware website, for a limited time discount of US$14.99, a savings of 50% off the full price of $29.99.

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