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Kool Tools: PhotoBee for Mac OS X


Did you know that photos and movies received in iMessages aren’t automatically saved? Your iMessage flow are most likely full of “lost” photos and movies that someone has shared with you. It is time to reclaim those lost memories.

Until now the only solution has been to manually locate, select and download the photos and movies. However, Brattoo Propaganda Software has introduced PhotoBee ( for Mac OS X. It lets you scan your iMessages for photos and movies, and then download them to keep them along with the rest of your photos.

With PhotoBee, you can select which contacts you wish to scan, as well as choose the destination to save the files. The app will scan through all your messages in iMessages and list all found photos and movies so that you can browse them and choose which ones to save.

“I certainly knew that there would be lost photos in iMessage that I wanted but I was totally stunned when PhotoBee listed all those treasures.” says Carol Corbett, one early adopter of PhotoBee. “There is a reason why my family send pictures to me and that is to share their life with me and finally I’m able to get back on track and once again enjoy those memories. PhotoBee is truly an eye-opener.”

PhotoBee requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. It costs US$7.95. A demo is available for download.

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