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SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock available for MacBook Pros, Airs

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SVALT has released the SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock, a vertical stand/laptop cooling solution.

The SVALT D supports laptops in closed-screen clamshell mode while connected to an external power source, monitor and keyboard/mouse, to facilitate proper ergonomics and maximum workstation productivity, while the vertical orientation and compact footprint regains desktop space. Coupled with increased cooling capacity, the closed-screen operation allows graphic resources to more easily drive multiple high-resolution displays and deliver improved graphic performance, says Chad Kirkpatrick president and founder of SVALT.

Anchored by a two-pound aluminum heat sink, a fan drives cool air over the laptop’s processors to reduce or eliminate processor throttling. A Silence Adapter delivers quiet fan operation, while the fan can also be turned off at anytime, and the laptop’s internal fans and vents will operate with enhanced performance due to the vertical orientation and the aluminum heat sink’s passive cooling, says Kirkpatrick.

The SVALT D was designed for Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display and MacBook Air laptops. However, a sliding front pad supports a wide range of laptops, with or without a protective case, and offers flexibility to support future laptops. The pad design allows the laptop to stay docked during the power-on process to avoid accidental cable disconnection or a laptop drop.

The SVALT D is available worldwide through with either silver or black aluminum finish for US$149.95

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