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Survey: Millennials represent the biggest threat to corporate data

A survey by Absolute Software Corp. ( — which specializes in endpoint security and management solutions for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones — says Millennials prove to be a greater risk to data security as compared to other user categories.

The report provides insight into employee attitudes toward IT security and their behaviors on corporate-owned mobile devices. Based on usage preferences and content accessed, the results offer an eye-opening perspective on the security risks associated with employee mobile device usage, depending on company size, employee age, their role, and the number of devices they use. The report demonstrates clear differences in generational behavior and associated risks related to data security.

Millennials versus Baby Boomers:
° 64% of Millennials use their employer-owned device for personal use, as opposed to 37% of Baby Boomers.

° 35% of Millennials modify their default settings, compared to 8% of Baby Boomers.

° 27% of Millennials access “Not Safe For Work” content, compared with only 5% of Baby Boomers.

° 25% of Millennials believe they compromise IT security, compared with only 5% of Baby Boomers

Additional findings of the 2015 Mobile Device Security Report include:

° 50% of respondents believe that security is not their responsibility

° 52% of respondents use their employer-owned devices for personal use

° 21% of respondents have modified the default settings on their work devices

° 14% of all respondents believe their behavior compromises the security of their organization

Respondents also selected the three top benefits of mobility:

° 39%: I can respond to requests from any location.

° 38%: I can be more responsive.

° 38%: I can do work while I’m traveling.

The online survey was conducted in January 2015 among 762 North American adults age 18+ who are members of the Springboard America Forum, use an employer-owned mobile device and work for a company with 50 employees or more. Millennials are defined as respondents aged 18-34 years. Baby Boomers are defined as respondents aged 55+ years.

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