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Kool Tools: PowerCost Monitor


Have you ever wondered if the electricity bill that you get each month is really the amount you should pay or are they over charging you. That’s where the PowerCost Monitor from Blueline Innovations ( comes into play.

You can now attached this US$179 device directly to your meter on the outside of the dwelling and with the Wi-Fi bridge you can see how much energy and money you are spending in real time. For even more data you can download a number of apps to help you monitor your home from away and keep track of what’s draining the most money.

The PowerCost Monitor enables personal real time electricity data to be fed to smartphone and web applications for anytime/anywhere access. With it you can learn how and where you are using electricity in the home to make informed decisions to reduce usage and cost and track your current and historical electricity usage

The PowerCost Monitor is Mac and PC compatible with wireless configuration. It works with popular energy-saving iPhone apps including PlotWatt, PeoplePower, myFreeMonitor and Bidgely

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