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Kool Tools: PowerSkin battery packs


PowerSkin has added two new battery packs to its Ink’d program. With Ink’d consumers can create custom designed battery cases and external battery packs by using their own image, logo or photo. 

The new battery packs that can now be “Ink’d” are the US$39.99 PowerStand (pictured), a wedge-shaped, all-inclusive, hands free, viewing stand and portable charger and the Recharge, a multi-device charger that allows for on-the-go charging of many different smartphone and tablet brands. These join the PowerSkin Spare for iPhone 5 and the external PoP’n battery pack for iPhone and Android in the Ink’d program.

Ink’d allows consumers to make their own personal statement on their portable charging devices. Go to the Ink’d website at; you can pick your product, either choose a pre-designed image or create your very own design by uploading an image, then orders ship in approximately seven business days. The price to have any device Ink’d is $19.99, plus the cost of the device.  Current models with Ink’d images range in price from $59.98-$79.98.

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