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Flying Pig releases Edouard Universe version 2.0 for OS X


Flying Pig ( has released an update of the whole Edouard Universe. Edouard 2.0, Edouard Warehouse 2.0 and Edouard POS 2.0 are now available and 100% cloud based solutions.

The 2.0 version brings major changes to the Edouard universe. Following a registration from the OS X app, users can quickly access their dedicated cloud. These instances are reportedly accessed securely and remotely from anywhere in the world from all of your Edouard client applications.

Edouard is also now cheaper. Subscriptions start at US$29) per slot per month compared to $99 previously. The previously used metric of the connection slot is preserved. As a reminder, connection slots are active connections to the server regardless of the number of user accounts.

Edouard 2.0 also brings other improvements. Among those, users will enjoy new import schemes, new inventory management tools, a new Network Monitor, a new identification system, search in every table and outlines, completions in combos, and lots of bugs fixes.

Finally, the free slot from Edouard 1.6 is preserved in Edouard 2.0. These free slots are accessible from the registration like any other regular subscription. These subscriptions are for a single connection slot to a shared cloud server instance with dedicated database. The users’ data are isolated and the computing and networking ressources are shared.

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