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Global 2D gesture recognition market will post a CAGR of 32.12%

Increased demand for gesture recognition solutions in the healthcare sector has resulted in the unprecedented growth of the global 2D gesture recognition market, which will post a CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of 32.12% from 2014-2019, says research firm TechNavio (

According to the latest report by the research group, gesture recognition in video games has enabled otherwise inactive individuals to participate in physical activity to a certain extent. These games are ideal for elderly people who should have a minimum amount of physical activity every day for their overall health. The TechNavio report also draws attention to the increasing demand for gesture-enabled electronic devices, which are being increasingly used for human-device interaction.

“Vendors are constantly upgrading gesture-enabled consumer electronics to make the interaction between devices and humans simpler and more interesting,” says Faisal Ghaus, vice Ppresident of TechNavio.

At this point in time, the automotive, transit and consumer electronics sectors are the major areas adopting 2D gesture recognition solutions.
“Though the adoption of this technology is limited to a few sectors at present, the number of industries and sectors adopting the technology is expected to increase during the forecast period,” says Ghaus.

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