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Kool Tools: ZeroLemon iPhone battery/case


Shortly after the initial release of the iPhone 6 back in September 2014, Apple announced that their newest phone accounted for 68% of all iPhone sales. The general consensus from iPhone 6 users was that they were happy with their device, except for one major factor — the battery life.

People are constantly searching for ways to maximize their iPhone’s battery life but with a 1,810mAh non-removable battery there aren’t many ways to preserve the battery usage. However, ZeroLemon has built the ZeroShock Battery Case.

Designed with the business professional in mind, the new ZeroLemon case will nearly triple the device’s battery life with a 4600mAh capacity. On a single full charge and with moderate usage, the case is expected to last about 60 hours. 

The ZeroShock Battery Case is designed to combine power and protection. It’s encased in a rugged yet sleek profile that offers protection for the smartphones. All of the ports protected by a built-in flap.

The ZeroShock iPhone 6 Battery Case is available exclusively on Amazon for US$59.99, along with the entire ZeroLemon product lineup. Go to for more info.

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