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eMedia Music releases Singing For Dummies Level 2

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eMedia Music Corp. has released eMedia Singing For Dummies Level 2 and an upgrade to the eMedia Singing For Dummies software.

The new Performance Evaluation feature in eMedia Singing For Dummies Level 2 and the upgraded eMedia Singing For Dummies software is designed to make it easier to learn to sing by showing where you sang flat, sharp, or in tune, and grades your performance for an entire piece.

Professional singer and voice teacher Ory Brown, M.M., guides you through more than 80 step-by-step voice lessons. eMedia Singing For Dummies also features eMedia’s Interactive Feedback and new Performance Evaluation and over 35 songs including hits from Diana Ross and John Lennon. eMedia Singing For Dummies Level 2 builds on the lessons found in eMedia Singing For Dummies by adding over 90 more singing lessons created by professional voice instructor, Ory Brown, M.M.

These lessons are designed to take your singing to a new level by teaching you how to clearly enunciate lyrics, improve vocal tone, sustain notes longer, and sing more expressively. Interactive Feedback listens to you sing using the computer microphone and shows when you are singing a note in tune. Songs include “Imagine” by John Lennon, the opera classic “L’ho Perduta” (the Marriage of Figaro), the “Midnight Special” and others and feature professional piano accompaniment tracks.

eMedia Singing For Dummies Level 2 and an upgrade to the Singing For Dummies Level 1 software will be released in February and will be available at retail stores and online at an estimated retail price of US$29.95 each. The software will be a hybrid for both Mac and Windows platforms, and the software will also be available for download at .

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