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Genuitec announces the release of MyEclipse 2015 IDE

Genuitec has announced general availability of MyEclipse 2015, which sports enhanced web technologies and streamlined production support for modern mobile applications.

MyEclipse 2015 offers JavaScript code assist, multi-framework support (including Angular JS), support for popular REST services, mobile application support, and backend server and usability improvements. With traditional Eclipse-based JavaScript code assist falling short, MyEclipse 2015 comes in as the first Eclipse IDE with superior code assist, says Brian Fernandes, product manager for MyEclipse at Genuitec.

Genuitec also recognizes the continuously changing web landscape as a space that no longer consists solely of jQuery and one in which web services, particularly REST, connect application users to the cloud. MyEclipse 2015 provides support for Tern.js, Angular JS and other key frameworks for the creation of user interfaces. It facilitates REST usage with a seamless explorer allowing for experimentation with popular web services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, Location Services, etc.

With hybrid mobile applications making up approximately 50% of all mobile apps, MyEclipse 2015 doesn’t stop at enhancements for web technologies, says Fernandes. By supporting Adobe PhoneGap 3.6.3, JQuery Mobile templates, local and remote builds, and form-based configuration editors, MyEclipse 2015 ensures that an application works across multiple device types, without the need for specialized development for each platform, he adds.

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