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Twocanoes brings Beacon solutions to NRF 2015

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Twocanoes Labs ( is launching their full line of Bleu Proximity Beacon Solutions at the National Retail Federation Expo in New York Jan. 11-13, 2015.

Among their new products will be the Bleu Station 300 Series, an all weather battery powered hardware beacon. Twocanoes is also rolling out new security bracket accessories to physically secure their Series 100 and 200 beacons.

Bleu Station beacons are available for deployment now with upgradable firmware for the future. Twocanoes Labs also offers hardware and integration support for developers building their own solutions. Twocanoes Labs provides deployment tools as well as access to the Bleu Station Admin SDK [software development kit] for integrating beacons into existing apps with no monthly activation costs.

All Bleu Station beacons are compatible with iBeacon-enabled apps, including Bleu Meetings, Geohopper, Bleu JSS, Bleu Setup and other apps from Twocanoes Software & Labs, available now in the App Store.

Beacons are small, low-energy Bluetooth devices that broadcast to nearby iOS devices according to Apple’s iBeacon standard. Firmware updates may be applied wirelessly over Bluetooth to future-proof the Bleu Station with new features and developments.

Latest in the Bleu Station lineup is the 300 Series, an all-weather battery powered beacon with capacity to operate for seven months in “always on” mode and over a year in battery saver mode. The all-weather Series 300 beacon is powered by 4 AA batteries. The Series 300 Beacon builds on its predecessors, the Series 100 and 200 Bleu Station Beacons, with road-proven reliability, performance and security. The Series 300 Beacon features a mountable, weather-resistant enclosure.

The Series 300 Beacon also features a built-in mounting bracket and tamper resistant housing, preventing the beacon from being stolen, opened, reset or disabled. The sealed housing allows the Beacon to be placed in challenging environments safely and securely. The Series 300 Bleu Station Beacon will be available Spring 2015 at the Twocanoes website and through retail channels.

Twocanoes Labs also announced new security bracket accessories for the Series 100 and 200 Bleu Station Beacons. The security brackets discourage tampering or theft and secures the beacon and accompanying power supply from removal.

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