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Kool Tools: Kensington PowerBolt


The US$24.95 PowerBolt Micro Car Charger for iPad ( from Kensington lets you charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod while on the go. It does the job well without taking up too much space. What’s not to love?

The 1.5-inch PowerBolt slips easily into and out of your vehicle’s cigarette lighter power outlet, so you can plug in any of the aforementioned Apple devices and use them while they’re charging (it can output 0.5, 1.0 or 2.1 amps of power). You’ll know they’re charging thanks to the easy-to-see indicator light.

The 2.1-amp charging capability is new to this addition of the PowerBolt. With it you can charge your iPad in about four hours.

The downside: the three-foot USB-to-Dock Connector cable connects in such a way so that iPhones, iPod and iPads can’t output line-out audio. This means the only way to get audio out of your device is via a second wired connection to the headphone port. If that’s a deal killer for you, take note.

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