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MacMate updates its cloud service packages


MacMate (, a cloud service for Mac users, has announced three major updates and releases to their package: Web Builder Live, WordPress M3, as well as increasing features across all the packages.

Along with the launch of Web Builder Live and WordPress M3, MacMate have beefed up all three packages with extra features, and more cloud space. Web Builder Live is included free on all MacMate packages. Now everyone can create a free website. MacMate Lite now features: Web Builder Live, Galleries, Cloud disk, Email and Filesharing.

MacMate has also added WordPress M3 to their premium MacMate Pro. WordPress M3 is a fully managed WordPress solution.

MacMate Lite is the new free version. MacMate Classic costs US$5.75 per month, and MacMate Pro is $8.25per month.

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