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Recommended Reading: ‘Mavericks Server – Control and Collaboration’

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Carbon Technologies’ “Mavericks Server – Control and Collaboration,” written by Reid Bundonis, is available exclusively in the iBooks format in the Apple iBooks Store. This is the second book in the Mavericks Server series and is an essential field guide for Mac system administrators and home enthusiasts alike.

Presenting topics in a sequential method, this book provides a procedural deployment guide to ensure Mavericks Server is set up right the first time. “Mavericks Server – Control and Collaboration” focuses on creating and managing users and fleets of machines. Topics include Profile Manager, integration with Apple’s Volume Purchasing Plan, directory integration for user authentication and authorization, File Sharing, permissions and service access controls (SACLs).

These services, built on top of the foundation services, form the cornerstone on most Mavericks Server deployments. Examples are based on a decade of experience deploying OS X Server in businesses and schools of all sizes. Readers are able to follow detailed real world deployment examples that can easily be replicated on their own networks. The book presents topics in a sequential method to ensure even the most novice administrator can successfully deploy and maintain Mavericks Server.

The book begins where “Mavericks Server – Foundation Services” ends. Building on top of a solid foundation, readers are walked through the various functions of Profile Manager, explore the innumerable options for account creation, discover the methods of managing fleets of machines and users, and learn the proper way to setup and manage shared folders. In addition, Mavericks VPN service is covered giving system administrators the option to allow users a secure method of remotely connection to the corporate network.

Bundonis is an Apple System Administrator with nearly 20 years experience with the Apple platform. Starting as an educator, he pioneered the use of computers in the classroom, establishing CAD, video technology, and programming classes. Now a senior field engineer, Reid continues to support OS X and iOS in businesses and education.

“Mavericks Server – Control and Collaboration” is priced US$12.99 and is available exclusively in the Apple iBooks Store. Go to for more info.

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