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Kool Tools: Path Finder 7 for Mac OS X

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Cocoatech’s Path Finder 7, an update to its file organizer, has been under development for over a year. It’s worth the wait.

Path Finder allows developers, writers, artists, and casual users alike to manage their files according to their own tastes, needs, and workflow. Version 7 introduces an array of new features and improvements. Also new to Path Finder 7 is the logo, as well as the re-branded slogan, “Stay Organized” which turned into a hash-tagged social media hit leading up to Path Finder 7’s release.

The list of features and bug fixes in Path Finder 7 include:
1) Dropbox integration
2) FolderSync – Folder Comparison and Synchronization
3) New copy/move delete engine
4) Re-designed Path Finder Desktop
5) New, faster and improved terminal
6) Re-designed Icon view
7) Arranging/grouping items
8) Improved Find window
9) Editable Path Navigator
10) Replaced “Drawers” with “Shelves”
11) Disable renaming and moving of users “home” folders
12) Identify and indicate shared folders
13) Added ability to undo “Close Tab”
14) Added Closed tab history (can be used to open any of the previously closed tabs)
15) Added Dual Pane mode one-click copy/move functionality
16) Added ability to invert selection
17) Better indication of present and available menu items in the contextual/action menu preferences
18) Separate “Remove from Dock” options for Finder and Trash icons
19) Vastly improved column autoresizing in column view, if option is turned on
20) Added menu item/keyboard shortcut to add selected items to the Sidebar
21) Added support for more e-mail clients (AirMail, Mail Pilot and others)
22) Improved browsing and root focusing in the column view
23) Fixed ignoring invisible files when compressing/archiving files
24) Switching to and from the column view no longer resets columns (as in Finder)
25) Added ability to change Sidebar color in color editor
26) Added QuickLook gesture (three fingers tap)
27) Added “Where from” file info
28) “Sort by” toolbar item added to the main window toolbar
29) “Tab Sets” toolbar item added to the main window toolbar
30) “Drop Stack” item added to the main window toolbar (enables ability to use Drop Stack while sidebar is hidden)
31) Added “Close all Tabs” action in the tab contextual menu
32) Greatly improved “Set as Default File Browser” functionality
33) Path Finder now prevents the system going to sleep while long file operations are in progress
34) Added ability to change the color of the Text Editor’s background
35) Sidebar sections can be moved & removed via drag and drop
36) Favorite section now has drag and drop functionality
37) Improved synchronization between Finder and Path Finder tags
38) Improved registration functionality
39) Licensing verification updates
40) Updated graphics
41) Many other small tweaks, bug fixes, and UI refreshments

Path Finder 7 is available as a direct download from Cocoatech’s website ( for US$39.95 or as an upgrade from Path Finder 6 for $19.95. A free, fully functional, 30-day trial version is available for download.

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