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Kool Tools: Archiware’s FocalPoint Server

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Archiware (, which manufactures the multi-platform data management solution P5, now offers a way to integrate with FocalPoint Server.

Archiware P5 allows users to synchronize, backup and archive data on Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems with four modules: P5 Synchronize to clone or move data between different storages, P5 Backup to provide disaster recovery of data from servers to disk or tape-based backup, P5 Backup2Go to back up desktop and laptop data to disk, and P5 Archive to move data offline to disk or tape.

Archiware P5 Archive supports tape drives and libraries of all vendors and offers tape cloning for maximum security. Using multiple drives in a tape library parallelization can also be done to achieve maximum throughput for even the highest requirements.

FocalPoint Server is the organizational heart of this workflow. It meets the challenges of production head on, enabling you to take control of teams of editors, designers and creatives, across numerous departments to multiple deadlines. It allows: users to correctly name, save and find files; managers to manage teams of editors, progress and resources; and companies to control risk and reputation

QLS Archive primarily deals with media location, whether online or committed to archive for long-term storage. Considering the cost of high bandwidth storage, QLS Archive may also be employed for “edit with proxy” workflows where the high definition media is required for final conform tasks.

FocalPoint Server offers a new way to create, version, track and search all your editing projects, graphics and documents. It automatically sets up and maintains the necessary file or folder structures for major non-linear editing systems such as Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere and VFX and graphics packages. Next QLS Archive will communicate with FocalPoint Server as well as with Archiware’s P5. It ensures that every project is safely archived and sends project IDs, etc., to both parties. Go to for purchasing info.

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