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Study: consumers want innovation, customization in wireless serve plans


Mobile phone users are ready for new options in data pricing and on-device solutions that provide them with more ability to control and personalize their mobile service, according to Strategy Analytics (

The survey reveals 60% of mobile phone owners want to be able to customize their plans, and 50% are interested in the ability to directly purchase more data in real-time from their device. Strategy Analytics surveyed over 500 mobile phone users in each of six mobile markets (China, France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the U.S.). Key findings include:

°  60% of mobile phone users are interested in customization of their service plan, with particularly high interest in China (74%) the US (67%) and the UK (58%).

° 50% express interest in a real-time, on-device option to monitor data use and purchase more data.

° In China, interest in plan option for unlimited social network access is high, at 62%.

° In France, more than 2x users are more willing to accept continued use at lower speeds when they reach their data limit than those who are prepared to buy additional data.

° In Germany, over a quarter of mobile phone users see appeal of buying an additional bucket of data beyond their original data cap.
° In Spain, mobile users are much more willing to accept continued use at lower speeds when they reach their data limit, with over half selecting throttling, and only a fifth prepared to buy additional data bucket. 45% express an interest on plans based on selecting how many minutes of browsing, video and music they have rather than a bucket of MB or GB.

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