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Survey: 47% of consumers who’ve heard of the Heartbleed bug haven’t changed a single password

In light of the recent Heartbleed bug that left user credentials and sensitive information potentially susceptible to hackers and identity thieves, LifeLock (, a provider of identity theft protection services, has announced survey results that reveal consumers’ behavior and attitudes surrounding the security flaw.

The recent survey, conducted online April 28-30 by Harris Poll on behalf of LifeLock among over 2,000 U.S. adults who are online, demonstrated that, despite the potentially increased exposure due to Heartbleed, nearly half (47%) of consumers who have heard of Heartbleed had not taken measures to protect their personal information by changing online account passwords.

According to earlier LifeLock research conducted by Forrester, 70% of people believe they are using strong passwords. In the recent LifeLock study conducted by Harris Poll, less than half (42%) of those who use passwords say they use a combination of unrelated letters, numbers and symbols to formulate their passwords.

Of those consumers who have heard of Heartbleed, just 53% had changed their passwords. When asked to give a reason why they did not change their password, 44% said they weren’t concerned about the security issue. Twenty-nine percent had not changed their password because they “hadn’t gotten around to it yet” and 12% said the “thought of changing password(s) is too overwhelming.”

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