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Kool Tools: SmartCase Pro 6000 for the iPhone 5/5s

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IvySkin says its SmartCase Pro 6000 is the “world’s longest lasting iPhone battery case.” Who are we to argue?

It packs a patented design battery pack and IvySkin’s signature Touch-Thru glass screen case in a Carbon Fiber shell. This 6000 mAh power house provides up to 250% additional battery life, all in an anti-shock body with a speaker enhancing design.

The SmartCase Pro package includes the: SmartCase Pro for iPhone 5/5S; 6000mAh smart battery pack; Xylo Glass Touch-Thru screen guard for maximum protection; and an user guide. This case uses the same cable as iPhone 5/5S so when plugged-in both the case and iPhone are charged simultaneously.

The SmartCase Pro 6000 retails for US$79.99. Go to for more info.

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